Welcome Wagon is celebrating 88 years of service across Canada and 30 years on the Sunshine Coast for 30 years. Whether newly arrived to a neighbourhood, a community, or the world, Welcome Wagon’s three terrific representatives are ready to provide an introduction to the businesses and services you will need. All “newcoasters”, relocated residents of the Coast and expectant/new parents from Langdale to Egmont are eligible to receive a free and no obligation visit from a member of the WW team with a basket of greetings, invitations and much valuable information from all levels of government, service organizations, and community resources. The WW representatives particularly enjoy presenting gifts and gift cards from almost 30 Coast businesses.

Welcome Wagon representatives know their communities well, and what they don’t know (“is there a kayak club in Gibsons?”) they find out through their network. Not only do they answer any and all questions that recipients may ask, they act as a continuing contact and source of information for them. All free and no obligation!

For more information and/or to arrange a visit for yourself or someone you know, simply call/email Laurie at (604) 741-1557; sunshinecoastwelcomewagon@gmail.com