Laptops have become the go-to choice for most people in the market for a new computer. They’re sleek, portable and heavily advertised. But are they the best choice for your needs? Before you buy your next computer, take a look at these considerations – you may discover you’ve been dreaming of a desktop unit all along!

Laptops’ portability comes with a trade-off in performance. The more powerful your laptop, the bigger and heavier it is. Conversely, the smaller and lighter your laptop is, the weaker it is, often struggling to run the most basic apps.

As laptops are designed to be portable, screen sizes are usually small, around 11-17”. Desktop monitors however, start at 17”. These larger sizes provide more space to work, and for nice big text and images, with a better ability to choose the visual experience that suits your needs. If you’re after a large screen size without the actual desktop computer, all-in-one PCs are a great option with many offering impressive screen quality.

Many people buy a laptop only to get home and find it’s a pain in the neck – literally! The traditional laptop design has users looking down at the screen which can cause neck strain, while the smaller keyboards and touchpad designs can result in repetitive strain injuries. Many people end up connecting their laptops to external monitors, keyboards and mice so they can work in comfort. Desktop computers on the other hand, allow you to create the perfect working environment for your needs and even cater for other family members. Monitors are usually height adjustable, keyboards and mice are wireless, and you’re able to place the desktop on the floor out of the way.

When you choose a laptop computer, it’s like ordering from a set menu. You get this brand, in this design, with these specifications. Changing out parts for repair or upgrade can be difficult and expensive as there’s not a spare inch of space. A desktop has more internal space, with infinite flexibility for upgrades for a fraction of the price and fast repairs to extend the life of your computer by years. A desktop will always give you more power for less money. And if you choose a desktop, cloud technology means your data is mobile, even if your main computer isn’t. A desktop’s larger case allows for bigger and better components, with more effective systems to avoid overheating. Even the most powerful laptop is going to be hotter than its desktop equivalent, and much noisier too. If you’re using power-hungry software like games or video editing, a desktop is the better choice.

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